Brokering shipments

How do we do it?

Better incentives

Our team of managers has incentives which at your interest. Unlike the majority of brokers, we don’t have margin-oriented KPI’s for our managers; hence they are not interested in charging high commissions. It results in you getting lower rates when the market goes down as well.

A system in place

We use our shared database of carriers and carrier relationship management system for better results. By institutionalizing the knowledge and continuously updating it, we can get the best carriers when and where it is needed.

What do you get?

Avoid the mess of finding a compliant carrier

You don’t have to spend time finding carriers for your optimized route schedule. BestFleet4U has direct contacts across all major carriers and own-operators, knows exactly their competitive lanes, ensuring to dispatch your freight by schedules you need with carriers you can trust. They are in our system and will be double checked at the contracting stage by our compliance team.

Get transparent rates

Working with brokers usually reminds dealing with a black box. At BestFleet4U we have a different approach – we show you our best-negotiated rate with the carrier, overheads and a profit margin separately. You will even get the difference between our rates and a market average at a given point of time. So, we won’t take advantage of a downside market and earn higher profit margins – your rates will go down with the market instead.

Service you deserve

Unlike many brokers, our work is not done when we get a contract and found a carrier – it yet starts just there. Bestflet4U manages delivery, contracting and invoicing with carriers, customs as well as deals with urgencies and force majors. You see your freight from the pick-up to delivery. We would also advise you on the best route plans based on the historical data.