Complex supply chains

How do we do it?

Experts in VRP programming

Our team will work to understand your supply chain and transportation needs and suggest the best route plan for you. We use our Optima platform to model your supply chain and get plans. It includes optimal arcs, types of transportation, not - fixed depot and node locations. Then we calculate the cost of the total route plan with 100s of simulations of the variables mentioned above to assure the cheapest one.

Experts in execution

Even the great plan can be poorly executed. BestFleet4U’s philosophy is combining these two activities to deliver the best results for you. Optima also serves as a transportation management platform for us, which includes necessary dispatch and geocoding modules.

What do you get?

Get the best route plan

You may hear words, such as efficient, effective or optimal being used loosely all around. BestFleet4U has a number of baseline decisive variables, which we maximize or minimize according to your goals. The maximum loaded mileage or the minimum empty mileage are the main ones assuring the least cost along with the best service time. The problem arises when one tries to do it under the number of real-life constraints. The majority of 3pls try to squeeze your needs into their “optimal” operations. Our approach is different – we program and do 100’s of simulations of your consolidation strategies, route schedules, depot, pick-up, and delivery locations always having in mind what is best for you and your customers.

Your requirements are changing so do our route plans

There are plenty of planned and unplanned changes in the process of production and delivery. BestFleet4U incorporates all these changes into its dynamic route plan to calculate new optimums. We do it in seconds and communicate all changes with logistic and warehouse managers and drivers.

Your fleet size is under the control

Resource overutilization was always a problem of unplanned or wrongly planned transportation operations. Our methodology allows us to not only reach maximum loaded mileage for the given supply chain but also use fewer trucks. Even for the small fleet of 15 vehicles, our approach helps to operate at least with one fewer truck. It helps you not only to improve the bottom line but also positively contribute to CO2 footprint.

The Process

We dedicate enough time and resources to understand your needs and requirements and optimize the transportation process, which includes:
• Transportation demand analysis throughout all the value chain.
• Analysis of the current supply chain taking into consideration your supply chain management philosophy. It also includes aligning with your KPI’s, such as service level and on-time deliveries.
• Routing. It consists of both Canadian and international operations.
• Optimization. We incorporate your transportation needs into our fleet management network to assure minimum cost via the optimization of parameters such as load miles and a number of moves.
• Full transparency. We show net savings for you in comparison with market-average rates.
• Development. We implement mathematical programming and software development when needed.
Constant feedback – We are available 24/7 for the client’s supply chain managers. We develop a dedicated power unit for large accounts. Your account manager is available 24/7 to you both for questions about ongoing shipments and consultation purposes.