Shipping freight

How do we do it?

Experts in local and transboundary freight shipping

We are shipping thousands of loads weekly back and forth between the US and Canada. All our drivers are CSA approved. We have automated the process of customs clearance so your freight would pass borders seamlessly.

Own fleet and warehouses

When it comes to trucking, keeping our tractors and trailers at the core of our operations adds reliability and control. It comes handy especially at the times of shortages on the market when finding 3rd party carrier could be a problem. BestFleet4U makes sure to ship your freight as agreed, unlike the market conditions. Your freight is also will have a safe place with us in our warehouses.

Connecting ports, rail stations, and airports

The ins and outs of these destinations have different variabilities. BestFleet4U developed a system of forecasting demand and providing transportation services from/to or between these critical hubs. We will organize drayage and transloading of you freight seamlessly and will take care of customs clearances.

What do you get?

Get your freight into the optimized route plan – always!

We value your time and understand that for finding a better way to ship freight your great team would probably spend too much time. Once your freight is with us, it immediately gets into dynamically updated routing schedule implemented with the help of our Optima platform. Meanwhile, the best service requirements for your customers are our priority.

A better way to ship LTL

For the majority of carriers, LTL shipments are often a simple mingling exercise, and for clients, they are a major source of lost time and money. At BestFleet4U, we value our clients moving smaller volume and tuned our Optima platform to do it in a better way.

Make sure getting a “low hanging fruit.”

Deploying “Low-hanging fruit” cost reduction strategies, such as; negotiating delivery time windows, reshuffling supply points and planning size and frequency of delivery requires an extra effort. BestFleet4U puts that effort to save you time and money.

Reduce paperwork and avoid unnecessary costs

Managing bids, invoices and claims with multiple carriers could be a total mess. With BestFleet4U, our team works closely with both clients and carriers to surface all the critical details and processes directly within our system, to allow you to concentrate on higher level tasks.

Visibility at your disposal

Traditionally, clients aren’t much aware of where their freight is after the pick-up. By constant monitoring our fleets and using advanced geofencing tools, we’re able to provide you with real-time updates, so you can better plan for arrival dates and times. Working with BestFleet4U will help make your warehouse team’s job easier.