Supply chain optimization

BestFleet4U’s Optima platform is a backbone of our routing and scheduling operations. A growing number of Fleet management software increasingly using the word optimization but in 99% of cases it’s not what it should be.

The optimization of routing and transportation has a very specific meaning: It is the solving of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) using different optimization apparatus under the various real-life constraints, such as pick-up and delivery timing, sequence, driver schedule and a number of depots and nodes in the system. So, Optima is not a commercial software with the limited functionality, but an optimization environment enabling us to model different VRP problems back solving from the peculiarities of your supply chain, such as Multiple Depot, Split Delivery and Stochastic VRP’s, VRP’s with Backhauls, with Satellite facilities and with Time Windows.

  • better integrate your transportation management into your supply chain.
  • take the guess work out of building your routes.
  • greatly reduce planning time by introducing computerized load building and scheduling.
  • produce schedules that reduce transport costs by improving utilization of drivers and vehicles.
  • improve service levels by reliably meeting service time window promises
  • calculate costs and benefits associated with changing your delivery routes and service levels
  • formalize the planning process and improve the visibility of the transport plan within the business.

For every new client we show

  • the best optimization mathematical apparatus specific to the case.
  • all the formulas used and the economics behind the math and also the limitation of the model (what you get and what you don’t).
  • cost calculation and modification of decisive variables, such as unit cost, loaded or empty millage, fuel consumption or constraint variables, such as pick-up and delivery schedules.
  • model different depot and node locations to minimize total transportation cost.
  • asses the variation of delivery times on the total cost of the route map.

Although, there are a developed engine, standard fleet telematics and geolocation modules, Optima is tailorable to every company separately. Thus, there is no way that one could get anything closer via commercial solutions available on the market.
This powerful platform comes absolutely free of charge once you retain BestFleet4U as your Dedicated Contract Carrier.

The First Step to Finding Your Hidden Profits: Take a Test Run

Perhaps the most compelling argument for using our services can be found when you can get a clear sense of what our route optimization would do for your company, with all its unique delivery challenges.

We will gladly take sample delivery data from your company’s existing operations and demonstrate what would happen if we implement route optimization. We can go one step further and show how incorporating your optimized route map into our current schedule brings you even more savings.

By contracting BestFlet4U, you won’t need to lobby to add more software to your over-stretched IT resources. We will take care to assure the most efficient routing and reliable operations for you.

The world is changing fast, and the bar for service has been raised. Your delivery fleet must now meet ever-increasing expectations for faster, precisely timed deliveries – and do it without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for? Why not get in touch today to find out how BestFleet4U can help you turn your transportation operations into a profit engine.