More than 200

routes served in North America

Expertise in more than 20


Dedicated fleets starting

from 10 trucks

BestFleet4U provides the best Canadian and US companies transportation management and supply chain optimization services. We combine exceptional service with a powerful platform to give you needed control over your transportation costs and service levels. Our approach to the transportation management of optimizing routes first and then moving loads sets us apart from traditional carriers.

Complex Supply Chains

Our team will work to understand your supply chain and transportation needs and suggest the best route plan for you. We use our Optima platform to model your optimal vehicle routing by increasing loaded mileage.

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Dedicated Fleets

When you can plan your demand for a foreseeable future and have growing operations, owning a dedicated fleet substantially improves your service time, increases reliability and decreases potential damage.

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Shipping freight

We are shipping thousands of loads weekly back and forth between the US and Canada. All our drivers are CSA approved. We have automated the process of customs clearance so your freight would pass borders seamlessly.

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Brokering shipments

Our team of managers has incentives which at your interest. Unlike the majority of brokers, we don’t have margin-oriented KPI’s for our managers; hence they are not interested in charging high commissions.

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A process designed to fit your specific requirements

Your supply chain is unique, so we tuned our transportation management ecosystem to better deal with it. BestFleet4U’s talented people will meet with you to know your shipment processes and plan your most optimal route map the most convenient way for your team.

An unparalleled Vehicle Routing Problem solving platform - Optima

The optimization of routing and transportation has a very specific meaning: It is the solving of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) using different optimization apparatus under the various real-life constraints. You will have the full support of our engineers to reach the boundaries of the optimized supply chain.

A great help to your supply chain team

Your great teams want and have the right to focus on more strategic tasks have they got more time. We’ll help you reduce unnecessary routine and make it simple for both strategic and tactical decision making. Every member of your team can better contribute to the growth of your business. BestFleet4U helps you empower them to complete those tasks.

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