Dedicated Fleets

How do we do it?

Dedicated fleets that are smart

When you can plan your demand for a foreseeable future and have a growing demand for your products, having a dedicated fleet at your service substantially improves your service time, increases reliability and decreases potential damage. While this general statement could be useful for any service provider, BestFleet4U brings it to the whole new level by applying its dynamic routing and management ecosystem.

Unlocking full benefits of our Dedicated Carriage Contracts

Our planning platform is already powerful – when you allow us to secure some demand by signing a long-term DCC contract, it reduces uncertainty in whole the system and enables us to get even better rates for you.

What do you get?

Turn your fleet into a profit center

If servicing a handful of trucks and trailers, finding and managing drivers and dealing with all the problems that arise on the roads isn’t your business than keeping a dedicate fleet by yourself is probably not a great idea. BestFleet4u’s expertise and management platform in place keep the cost of delegating this service lower comparing to the value of the transportation with your fleet.

An excellent addition to your fleet

As a large firm, you probably have your fleet of trucks. Even though, you are possibly adding more vehicles and equipment to your carefully planned shipments quite often. Working with a partner, who not only delivers but also smart enough to increase the efficiency of your operations could be the thing you are looking for. You will get an optimal route plan both for our own and combined fleets.